Check out the articles and videos that Why Wait Productions, Jahnnalee Randall and Gizmo the Chihuahua have been apart of within the media. 

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Inter-County Leader Newspaper


AUGUST 28TH, 2019

The Inter-County Leader writes about Why Wait Productions, Jahnnalee Randall and even Gizmo the Chihuahua's acting career. Jahnnalee grew up in Balsam Lake, WI and the newspaper was really interested in Jahnnalee's story of how she started Why Wait Productions by moving out to Los Angeles to follow her dreams which lead her into multiple award-winning films! Inter-County Leader also was interested in the fact that Jahnnalee and Gizmo just filmed a John Deere video series located on her Dad's farm right in Balsam Lake!

John Deere Video Series



John Deere came out to the Randall farm and filmed Jahnnalee and Gizmo the Chihuahua. You can even see Why Wait Productions studio in the pilot episode! Check out the video on John Deere's Instagram page below.

The Parkway Theater

Date Night was accepted into SCREAM it off SCREEN film competition at The Parkway Theater in Minneapolis, MN. This film festival allows the audience to boo the films off the stage if they don't like what they're watching. If enough people scream then your film will be cut short and the next filmmakers film will immediately play. If your film doesn't get booed or if enough people argue to let it play then it will run all the way through. So here's the audience reaction to our film Date Night. 

The Sun Newspaper



The Sun Newspaper was intrigued about the John Deere video that was filmed right in Polk County, WI and came out to the Randall farm and interviewed Jahnnalee, her Dad and even Gizmo the Chihuahua. Jahnnalee showed The Sun around the farm and even the Why Wait Productions studio. Gizmo even showed The Sun his wardrobe closet of all the outfits he owns and acts in!

Hollywood & Vine Magazine



At the Hollywood & Vine Film Festival Why Wait Productions won Audience Best Web Series, Best Script in a Web Series and Grand Jury, which got Jahnnalee on the front cover for the web series Dating Disasters. Don't worry, there are multiple pictures of Gizmo inside the magazine!

Dogs That Can Say I Love You



We Love Animals posted a video of dogs that are able to say I Love You that sound so human that you wouldn't think dogs could do that and Gizmo the Chihuahua was one of the dogs picked to be apart of their viral video with over 21 million views!

5ive for Women Magazine



5ive for Women Magazine writes about how Jahnnalee started Why Wait Productions with her first short film Puppies & Tiaras that stars Gizmo the Chihuahua, which got on Animal Planet, along with disusing her MTV show that was filmed right in Wisconsin. This article goes in depth with the journey of where it all started leading up to the creation of Why Wait Productions and many award-winning projects! 

Inter-County Leader Newspaper



Inter-County Leader Newspaper was fascinated that a Balsam Lake, WI native moved to Los Angeles, CA for her dream of becoming a filmmaker. The film that the Inter-County Leader was impressed by was Lost in Time. Which has been nominated and won 13 film festival awards. Lost in time was inspired by her experience of coping with the absence of her two brothers when they were deployed to Iraq. Lost in Time is about what the families go through when their loved ones are overseas.

CW Twin Cities - Supergirl


AUGUST 31ST, 2016

Jahnnalee was interviewed by CW Twin Cities which aired on television. She was picked as one of the finalist to be the next Supergirl for the CW Twin Cities. Jahnnalee also mentions that she auditioned for Supergirl on the actual Supergirl TV show out in Los Angeles, CA.

The Hollywood Social Lounge

The Hollywood Social Lounge interviews Jahnnalee and Gizmo the Chihuahua for Why Wait Productions film Lost in Time at LA Femme Film Festival in October 2015. Lost in Time has 13 awards & nominations!

We Choose Art



We Choose Art is a collaborative community of thought and expression, where each individual can share their creative input of why artists do what they do. Their mission is to globally document a vibrant and artistic culture for tomorrow’s unique future. We Choose Art interviews Jahnnalee Randall because she had caught their eye along with Gizmo the Chihuahua and wanted to sit down and ask her why she chooses art. To check out the answer click to read the article below!

The Pulse Network

Jahnnalee Randall and Gizmo the Chihuahua got interviewed by The Pulse Network in Boston where they go on the show to talk about their LA life style within the film industry and about Why Wait Productions award winning web series 2Fur1!

MTV - Meet or Delete


AUGUST 23RD, 2007

The start of Jahnnalee's acting desire develops when she gets cast to be apart of MTV's television series Meet or Delete. Jahnnalee grew up on a farm her whole life and went to the same school that her father did. With a population of less than 1,000 people. Meet or Delete takes two strangers to switch lives for a week. There's two episodes and Jahnnalee switches lives from a country girl on the farm to living in New York City to follow her passion of modeling. 

CBS - Big Shot Live

Jahnnalee Randall entered the modeling category for Big Shot Live, an online competition, and won. She was flown to Hollywood from Wisconsin and got teamed up to act along side Brian Huskey (Veep, Neighbors, Bob's Burgers). She got to model for Roxy at their studios in Huntington Beach, CA.  This show made Jahnnalee realize she needed to move to LA to learn how to become an actor. Six months after the show she packed up her bags and moved half way across the country in 2009 to start her acting career which then lead into creating her own film company Why Wait Productions in 2012!


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