Why Wait for opportunities when you can create them yourself!


Why Wait Productions

Why Wait for opportunities when you can create them yourself!

About Us

Why Wait Productions


Why Wait Productions was created by actress/filmmaker Jahnnalee Randall and actor Gizmo the Chihuahua. For them, it was time to take action and control over their careers and stop waiting around to hopefully become discovered. Hence the name Why Wait Productions.  After starting the company, all of the films produced by Why Wait Productions have been Award winning (23 awards & nominations) and have aired in some way. Either on Animal Planet, Comcast, local cable stations, film festivals and more!   

Why Wait Productions studio is based out of Balsam Lake, Wisconsin but travels to the Twin Cities, Minnesota and Los Angeles, California quite a bit. Why Wait Productions is a film company that produces their own videos. Anything from short films, web series, comedy sketches, music videos, commercials, reviews and documentaries.

Please feel free to check out the films created by Why Wait Productions and subscribe to our

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Why Wait Productions is not a film company that will fund your projects or option your script.

Jahnnalee Randall


Originally from Wisconsin, Jahnnalee Randall moved to Los Angeles to reach her dreams of working in the entertainment industry as an actress. While going to audition after audition and being stuck in LA traffic, Jahnnalee said F this and created her own film company (Why Wait  Productions) with her talented dog Gizmo the Chihuahua. Why wait for someone else to create opportunities when you can do it yourself! So she started writing and directing films that have all been award winners! 

As an actress Jahnnalee's resume boasts numerous pilots, independent films, award-winning shorts, features, television shows, music videos, commercials, and radio appearances. 

Jahnnalee graduated high school at the age of sixteen and went onto five different colleges to learn communications, photography, web design, multimedia and screenwriting. Jahnnalee's acting training has been in Los Angeles, CA under Robert Carnegie learning the Meisner technique at PlayHouse West, improv intensive at Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB), Killian's commercial workshop, comedy intensive with Lesly Kahn, Sketch Writing at UCB, and vocal dialect with Carolyn Fallin to help tone down her Midwestern accent for auditions!   

Although Jahnnalee enjoys and values what she has been taught through her extensive training, her favorite method is to learn by doing. Just going out there and creating. Even if she fails at any of her endeavors, she looks at it in a positive light. She realizes that if her projects don't work, she has narrowed down the path of finding out what will work to break into this industry!

Gizmo the Chihuahua


Originally from California, Gizmo the Chihuahua is one hard-working and fancy pooch. He is currently the star of his own six-time award-winning web series — 2Fur1 — and he makes a cameo in every episode of Dating Disasters along with playing the lead in the award winning military short film Lost in Time, which have all been created by Why Wait Productions!

Gizmo began his acting career at 12 weeks of age and has appeared in various features, commercials, short films, radio shows and pawagraph signings. Gizmo is an actor in high demand and recently appeared on Animal Planet as the star of Puppies and Tiaras that was created by Why Wait Productions. 

Gizmo's also a viral video star in "Dogs that can say I Love You

with 7.7 Million Views!

He's a true Hollywood star, that loves all the attention and couldn't be woof-ier to be a paw-rt of Why Wait Productions.

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