Fake Pocket Dial

Comedy Short Film


When the going gets rough with attracting the ladies, an average guy creates the perfect plan with the pocket dial and starts getting good looking girls left and right. Will his luck run out or will this be the New Game to Dating!


Directed & Written by: Jahnna Randall

The New Game to Dating!

Jahnna came up with the idea of the 'Fake Pocket Dial' when lying awake in bed trying to sleep in the noisy city of Hollywood. She was raised with an all guy family and gets along with the boys more when it comes to talk about technology and football. With having more guy friends she has a little inside scoop of the guy talk that occurs about girls. In today's society of films there's not much sneakiness when it comes to girls playing the guys in the dating world. Hopefully society will be okay with the new idea of the "Fake Pocket Dial" and have a little cute chuckle; because, women like to have some fun too! :)


Fake Pocket Dial's TV premier was on
Bongo Boy Rock n' Roll TV Show which airs on cable in New Jersey! To check out the episode that "Fake Pocket Dial" was apart of click the play button below or click here!

The Bongo Boy Rock n' Roll TV Show is a music orientated TV series that educates the viewers about upcoming indie artists and their quest to greater success. The show is dedicated to exposing the arts to new and old fans alike by featuring original music, videos, Art, and history from different cultures with each new show.

Jahnna made the premise of "Fake Pocket Dial" into a commercial for the Doritos Crash the Super Bowl contest called "Pocket Dial."

Click for the Official Pocket Dial Commercial on YouTube

Click for the Official Pocket Dial 1 Minute Commercial on YouTube

Without the amazing cast and crew below this film could not have been possible. The talented actors brought their skill and game to make this short come alive!

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Jahnna Randall
Cast As: Kate
Cast As: The Dog
Danny Jordan
Cast As: Bill
Richard Turke
A.D. & Cast As: Chuck
Alan Weischedel
Cast As: Mike
Andrea Dantas
Cast As: Pool Hottie
Marco Elorreaga
Ginny You
Cast As: Hot Girl
Leigh Ann Smith
Cast As: Hotter Girl
Elizabeth DelloRusso
Cast As: Best Friend
Marlene Mc'Cohen
Super Hot Brunette
Tracy Carr
Cast As: Plain Jane
Adam Gotsens
Cast As: Drunk
Jeffrey Oliphant
Cast As: Pool Friend
Ryan Kiser
Cast As: Party Friend
Craig A. Lofton
Post Sound Supervisor
Jonathan Rissman
Camera Operator
Tony Dang
Delivery Guy


The Doughboys
Songwriter Gar Francis